All or Nothing!

All or Nothing!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heading out to Rev3 Tennessee

Coming back from San Juan and having the time to think about the results and how the race unfolded it wasn't long after that I was itching to get back to the start line of the next race, and that race is almost here!  Rev3 Tennessee (half distance) is coming up this Sunday.  Training going into the race has been going very well, minus the sinus infection that sidelined me for 2 weeks.  I didn't take much rest post San Juan and continued to build my base and speed until the sinus infection slowed me down.  I've always struggled with my sinus and this time it got me really good.  It left me with blocked ears, a ringing head and being dizzy all the time.  The antibiotics didn't work, so they had me on cortisone and it worked immediately.  I always look at anything that happens, happens for a reason.  Maybe this was just a sign that my body needed a break before heading into the race season?  Well thats the way I took it!  Getting back into it, post infection, everything seemed to be where we left off.  Ok, maybe the speed was lacking a little, but nothing hard work can't fix.  The past 2 weeks have been great and I'm hitting all expected results.  The power on the bike is still there and so is the speed for the run.

Heading into Rev3 Tennessee, my plan is to execute a solid, strong and smart race.  Take the 3 disciplines separately.  Race the swim, race the bike and race the run.  I've been working on taking in more salt during workouts as I always seem to blowup during hot races.  This race will also be the first time I get to race my new Prologue Canada bike, looking forward to it.  Hopefully its going to look something like this but a lot warmer!  My dad and I are packing up and leaving Thursday right after taking a short swim with ROCS.  Its going to be a long drive and we will be arriving Friday around 10am,  enough time to get a short run/ride in on the race course.  Rev3 has great organization so im sure there will be some things to do once we get there.  I will try and write up some posts once there.

Racing aside, yesterday was Steph's birthday and we had a great night out on Saturday to celebrate, by eating at Mezza Notte on the market.  Amazing italian food!  Happy Birthday Steph!  I have 3 more days of work to go and my leave starts, 3 months.  I can't express how excited I am for this time away from work to commit to something i've been working for for so long.  No matter what happens at least the regret wont be there!

Enough for now, time for a run!

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