All or Nothing!

All or Nothing!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Weeks leading up to Rev3 Quassy and Lifesport Mont-Tremblant Camp

Well its been almost 3 weeks now that i've been officially of desk work and living the life of an athlete. Seriously love this life and I know its for me.  What could be better then working out all the time and taking naps during the day?  NOTHING!!!  My usual day is swim, nap, bike, nap, run sleep.

Since making training my only priority, the volume and intensity has gone up given the time I have, but the major difference I've noticed is that for each workout, I'm rested and ready for all intense sessions.  That was the one struggle with sitting at a desk all day, sometimes the legs just don't feel like running.  Also, now I can fully commit to the process and I don't have to try and juggle things around in order to have all of my workouts done.  Its also all the small things that make a big difference, such as stretching 30min a day, using the foam roller and eating at the right times.  When I go for something its all in or nothing!

Quassy is coming up this weekend, and I can honestly say that I have never felt this fit in my life.  I have been nailing all the key sessions Phil has me doing and feeling great while doing them.  Don't get me wrong, I still hurt a lot during, but the fact that i'm hitting and exceeding the pace/power is a great sign.  This will be my third year racing Quassy and looking forward to it.  Super hard course never giving you a break.  All im going to think of while racing is holding what i've be doing in training.  Some major steep hills on the run, but the last couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of training in the Gatineau park so i'm ready!!  Pedal to the metal!

Lifesport Tremblant Camp

This past weekend I attended the Lifesport camp in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec that was put on by my coach, Phil.  For the second year in a row it was a great success.  The weather wasn't as good as the previous year but we still managed to get most of the workouts in apart from the open water swim.  Great being in Tremblant and seeing so many people jazzed and training for the race.  Magali Tisseyre was also kind enough to join us for the ride on Saturday.  Any words of advice I can get from Pros are always appreciated!  Just wanted to thank Phil for leading such a good camp!

One last little mention of appreciation is to my buddy Robert Larioza who was kind enough to hook me up with a brand new Giro Air Attack w/shield helmet!  Ive always struggled in the heat and hopefully this helmet will help.

Here we go Quassy!!  I've worked hard now its time to prove it.

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